Welcome to Friman's General Store

Friman´s Village Shop is located in Tenala (Tenhola in Finnish) in the Western Uusimaa region. The Jugendstil building was built in 1916 by Sigfrid Skarp. “Villa Skarp” is the ideal location for a traditional old-fashioned grocery.

In an authentic Village Shop you find a bit of everything and our selection serves this purpose. In our cheese shop, you find exclusive delicious cheeses from Tenhola dairy along with cheeses originating from all over Europe. Paired beautifully with select own fig, pear and orange marmelades.

The Deli

In our gourmet shop, you find a wide range of delicacies from near and far. Besides the cheese and meat counter, we offer bread, pastries, juices and jams.

Jams & Juices
Flours & Bakery
The Cheese counter
The Meet counter
The Tenala Cheese
An Emmentaler cheese that is processed by salting and maturing in the Tenhola dairy. Perfect for cheeseboards and on bread.
A young, creamy, soft and tasty shaveable delicious cheese.
A long matured hard cheese with a nutty and rich flavour. An excellent choice for a cheeseboard accompanied with wine.
A fresh and acidic cheese. Our own fig marmalade is the perfect companion.
Our grilled cheese
Tenala´s own version of a lightly salted halloumi cheese. Best served grilled or fried with butter till crispy.

Tenala Cheese

In our cheese counter, you find exclusive delicious cheeses from Tenala along with cheeses originating from all over Europe. 

Read more from our webpages www.tenholanjuusto.fi

Decorations and gifts

In our homeware and gift shop you find almost anything from homeware to tableware and banquet accessories to home cosmetics.

Gift shop
Interior and design
And a lot more!

For the garden

Seasonally, we sell gardening tools and utensils. Yard tools, work and protective clothing, soil and fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and pots are found.

Machinery service and spare parts

The boys from the workshop fix almost anything. Small appliances can be left for service at the Village Shop. There is also a spare parts and sales service.

  • Work and protective clothing
  • Screws, bolts and tools
  • Small machinery (lawn mowers, chain saws and clearing saws)
  • Spare parts

We perform metal work (turning and welding), industrial services, manufacturing of hydraulic hoses, small appliances and agricultural machinery maintenance and tractor work (plowing, sanding and sweeping).