Welcome to our Restaurant "Bakfickan"

Restaurant Bakfickan operates in another traditional building connected with the Friman’s Store The building used to be a common sauna. It was dilapidated and in 2014 was renovated as we decided to expand our business into a restaurant-café offering lunch and dinner.

Restaurant Bakfickan serves lunch from Monday till Saturday plus a variety of sweet and savoury nibbles. We also have a local specialty menu and on weekends we make pizza.

The most popular dishes on the menu include garlic snails with Tenala cheese, The Tenala burger and house pizza.

Stop by for lunch

Bakfickan´s lunch table includes two traditional warm home cooked meals, a salad table along with coffee and a dessert. 

Lunch is served on weekdays from 10.30 am till 2 pm and on Saturdays from 11.30 am till 3 pm.

Café restaurant of full service

The restaurant seats simultaneously up to 40 guests. Our sunny summer terrace and garden doubles our restaurant space.

We are partners of the association “Fellowship of Whisky” (VYS in Finnish). We offer a wide range of single malt whiskies and organize many whisky tastings yearly.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday6:00 — 17:00
Friday6:00 — 21:00
Saturday9:00 — 18:00